We are IndigeniUS Mind(s)

Our Dream: To create indigenous educational tools dedicated to play, observation, creation and discovery, which will aid learners to gain knowledge by providing inter-generational learning opportunities through (re)connection to nature, culture and identity. To stimulate the development of our first prototypes, we have partnered with Kilo Books Hawaiʻi to provide our first round of SEED funding.

IndigeniUS Mind(s) will receive 15% of all sales if you use the CODE: Tiana

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About the Creator(s)

Aloha kākou. My name is Tiana Malina Henderson. I am Kanaka Maoli, Tongan and also have multi-ethnic ancestry. I am from Hāna, Maui. I currently reside in Pālehua, O'ahu, but have many spaces that I call home, including Kīpahulu, where my iwi kūpuna are, and Aotearoa, where my wife and keiki live. My current occupations are Program Coordinator at UHWO, Indigenous Engineer and Architect through Halau Hale Kuhikuhi (under kumu Francis Sinenci), and Cultural Educator for Purple Maia. I am a hale building, people loving, lei making, ukulele playing, mele singing, body healing, rock stacking, aho braiding, talk story with anyone, mahu wahine :D

My perspective on IndigeniUS Mind(s) is that it is as much about you as it is about me. It’s a kākou thing! I love to see the genius in the community around me and recognise that within one there are many. As a hale builder, I am guided by the motto "It takes a community to build a hale”. In developing IndigeniUS mind(s), I am seeking to blend the old and the (k)new by building a collective by, for, and with like-minded indigenius minds. So my question to you is this… can we integrate mind(s) and culture and create sustainable ways to raise our children, build community and ground us in values, practice and healing? If your answer is yes, then come play!

Let's Collaborate: collab@indigeniusminds.net